On Aug 24th 2012 I sent my son's favorite train "Stanley" to the stratosphere with a weather balloon, HD camera and GPS. We recovered him 27 miles away in a corn field. I animated the train's face in post production. After posting the video to YouTube it went viral in a couple days.

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A Toy Train in Space (above) uploaded on Sept 20th 2012
Ron Fugelseth and son on the Katie Couric Show, Sept 28, 2012
Ron Fugelseth and son on Japanese TV.
Mattel created a toy inspired by our video. 

Official description: Inspired by Ron Fugelseth's video 'A Toy Train in Space', this special Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Stanley comes with a removable space helmet so you can relive Stanley's space-bound adventure! Perfect for Take-n-Play Portable Playsets.
Interview with Parenting Magazine. 
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